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Current Opportunities
Opportunities for training, including Conferences, webinars, and training materials. Read more...

Psychological First Aid
Information is posted on this page about Psychological First Aid for Disaster Response, including the Nebraska curriculum.

Disaster Behavioral Health Exercises
This page contains situation manuals to test the disaster behavioral health response in all phases of disaster

The Omaha Metropolitan Medical Response System  produced a series of short videos to introduce concepts of disaster behavioral health.
Disaster Behavioral Health: A New Field of First Responders
Disaster Behavioral Health: Preparing for Your First Assignment
Disaster Behavioral Health: Building Resiliency

Nebraska’s Responder Peer-to-Peer  Resilience Training Curriculum
Responders often lean on each other after disasters and critical events. This material is designed for peers to deliver prior to an event to foster resilience and support within their organizations.

Click here to review a June 4, 2018 webinar about the Peer-to-Peer Resiliency Curriculum