BHERT Orientation
The primary purpose of the Nebraska Behavioral Health Emergency Response Team (NBHERT) is to provide support and consultation to local response personnel relevant to behavioral health needs that arise following a disaster. The Nebraska Emergency Management Act (Neb. Rev. Stat. 81-829.36 to 81-829.75) provides statutory authorization for the formation and use of State Emergency Response Teams. The formation of a behavioral health emergency response team in Nebraska was approved by the Governor’s Homeland Security Policy Group on August 7, 2008. The Nebraska Behavioral Health Emergency Response Team (NBHERT) is a state resource. The team generally supports behavioral health functions referenced in the Nebraska State Emergency Operations Plan under Emergency Support Functions (ESF 6, 8 & 11). NBHERT recently assisted persons affected by the flooding in Nebraska. The team's work was featured in the July 2010 edition of "Connections," the DHHS Newsletter (see page 6 for featured article).

. State Behavioral Health Director, Dr. Scot Adams (in the decon suit), challenges NBHERT members during a team training exercise.
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